Interior & Exterior Plastic Components for the Building & Construction Industry

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Seat Covers
Seat Covers

Durable and resistant to corrosion and weathering, plastics are in widespread use in the building and construction industry. Architects and building engineers specify plastic extrusions, profiles, tubing, and injection molded components for thousands of different interior and exterior applications. With our reputation as an innovative manufacturer of high-quality plastics, we have a strong presence in the residential, commercial, and highway road construction industries.

Highlighting our capacity for industry changing product development is our line of 2" O.D. tube that we designed specifically for use in central vacuum cleaner systems. In this effort, we worked in conjunction with ASTM and established code F2158, which is now a worldwide industry standard for central vacuum tube.

This level of commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our culture, and it permeates every aspect of our organization. For example, in outdoor applications, we take the time to understand the weather conditions at their most extreme to choose a resin that has the right blend of performance characteristics. We have a selection of UV resistant grades that will not lose their color, even under intense sunlight, as well as grades that can withstand excessively hot or numbingly cold temperatures.

Our products exhibit superior wear resistance, impact resistance, and durability in any construction application, no matter how simple or complex. On every building and construction project, timeliness is of paramount importance. K. Jabat, Inc. understands that even the slightest delay can have a monetary or even legal impact for both owners and contractors. With that in mind, we provide the utmost assurance that the products we manufacture will be delivered on time and according to specification. This allows construction to proceed along stipulated timelines and meet scheduled milestones for completion. Whether it is structural or decorative, we can provide a quality solution for any construction and building application. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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